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  • Author: Quintal, Claire

Date: 1988

Publication: Voix et images

Volume: 13

Language: fr

Find in a Library: 2442278

Un bref article de revue sur les significations culturelles dans l'écriture de Jack Kerouac: "un gars de chez vous, aussi bien que de chez nous," comme écrit l'auteur (398). Plus précisement, comment la mère de Jack apparait dans sa vie et, par…

  • Author: Deneire, Marc

Date: 2001 spring

Publication: Studies in Linguistic Sciences

Volume: 31

Language: en

Find in a Library: 428814755

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Article characterizing the literary works of Jack Kerouac as elements of his search for personal, religious, ethnic, and linguistic identity. Particular emphasis on Kerouac's French Canadian heritage roots. The ways in which Kerouac's novels can be…

  • Author: Lee, Sonia

Date: 1978 summer

Publication: MELUS (Multi-Ethnic Literature of the United States)

Volume: 5

Language: en

Find in a Library: 50709793

Article exploring the author's notion of cultural "interfacing" through the French Canadian and Anglo American contexts of Montréal-born Louis Dantin (Eugene Seers) and Nashua, New Hampshire native, Rosaire Dion-Lévesque. Both authors wrote in…

  • Author: Chartier, Armand

Date: 1981 summer

Publication: MELUS (Multi-Ethnic Literature of the United States)

Volume: 8

Language: en

Find in a Library: 50709793

Brief review of some resources in Franco-American literature available at the beginning of the 1980s. Specifically mentions collections, works, and writers in Maine, Massachusetts, and Louisiana.

  • Author: Sherman, Sarah Way

Date: 2002 spring

Publication: American Literary Realism

Volume: 34

Language: en

Find in a Library: 42711105

Critical and historical reading of Sarah Orne Jewett's 1898 short story, "The Gray Mills of Farley," about textile mill workers, an agent, and mill directors around the time of a New England mill's cut-back and shut-down. Place and character…

  • Author: LeBlanc, Caroline A.

Date: 2011-00-00

Publication: International Journal of Canadian Studies / Revue internationale d’études canadiennes

Volume: 44

Language: en

Find in a Library: 23238088

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Historical trends, social dynamics, family systems, and psychological traits characteristic of Franco Americans and their communities. Examples from the author's life and family history; relevant psychological research; scholarship in Franco American…

  • Author: Cohen, Bruce

Date: 2004 summer

Publication: Historical Journal of Massachusetts

Volume: 32

Language: en

Find in a Library: 6420039

Article detailing the varying relationships between labor organizing, ethnic communities, members of the Catholic Church, and local journalism in Worcester, Masachusetts at the turn of the century. How ethnic and religious community identification…

  • Author: Hurtubise, Pierre
  • Author: Codignola, Luca
  • Author: Harvey, Fernand

Date: 1999-03-00

Language: fr

Find in a Library: 49951897

Guide de recherche qui souligne des connections religieuses historiques entre l'Amérique française et la Rome ponitificale, visible dans des documents d'archives de Rome. Caractères majeurs de la durée de vie de l'histoire…

  • Author: Chassé, Paul P.

Date: 1973-00-00

Language: en

Find in a Library: 5092011

Brief essay presentation summarizing much of the history of the French presence in Rhode Island. Acknowledges certain Rhode Island events, as well as political and religious figures, beginning with French explorations of North America in the 16th…

  • Author: Scully, Robert Guy

Date: 1975-10-00

Publication: Canadian Forum

Volume: 55

Language: English

Find in a Library: 1553097

Critical article exploring the author's notion of a "fundamental unity" among French heritage peoples in North America: a consciousness unified in historical defeat and nostalgic glorification. The ways in which North American political, artistic,…

  • Author: Dubé, Normand C.

Date: 1980

Book Title: Rencontres des peuples francophones 1979 : la langue française

Language: Français

Find in a Library: 7554743

Une brève discussion sur les fonctions de la langue française pour les Franco-Américains. Présenté aux Rencontres des peuples francophones, 1979. Écrit par le directeur du Centre du matériel français pour le systeme bilingue en…

  • Author: Sadowski-Smith, Claudia

Date: 2008

Book Title: Border Fictions : Globalization, Empire, and Writing at the Boundaries of the United States

Language: English

Find in a Library: 166317572


Book section exploring how the Canada/US border is used by some Canadian and American fiction writers to examine personal, ethnic, and national identities in comparative or dual contexts. Examines the work of Clark Blaise, Guillermo Verdecchia,…

  • Author: Pinette, Susan

Date: 2012-spr/sum

Publication: Québec Studies

Volume: 53

Language: en; fr

Find in a Library: 60628349

Article exploring critically how contemporary Franco American authors use the French language in their works to signify Franco American ethnicity. Discussion and comparison of two works and their creators: Normand Beaupré's coming of age novel…

  • Author: O'Toole, James M.

Date: 1992-00 (1992/1993)

Publication: Bulletin de la Société Historique Franco-Américaine

Language: en

Find in a Library: 6284609

Journal publication of a brief presentation on the history of the Roman Catholic Church in the United States, with an emphasis on the prevalence of Catholicism among ethnic immigrant communities from the 19th century onward. Certain tensions between…

  • Author: Dupuis, Suzanne

Date: 1990

Language: English

Find in a Library: 24285174

Booklet accompaniment to the 1990 exhibition, "En quête d'Amérique," created by the Museology Program at Laval University and Québec's Musée de la civilisation. A brief presentation of the contemporary French Canadian presence in North America as…

  • Author: Senécal, André

Date: 1983

Book Title: The French in Vermont: Some Current Views

Language: English

Find in a Library: 10565367

A brief annotated bibliography in essay form, with commentary, that focuses on the history of geographic and economic relationships between Vermont and Québec. Included in Occasional Paper Number Six, in a series produced by the Center for Research…

  • Author: Hutchinson, Gloria

Date: 1985

Language: English

Find in a Library: 13210635

A collection of student writings in celebration of the 200th year of the Acadian settlement at St. David, Maine, in the northern St. John River Valley. Created during a 1985 Madawaska, Maine summer program for gifted and talented students - MEGA…

  • Author: Woolfson, Peter

Date: 1974

Publication: American Review of Canadian Studies

Volume: 4

Language: en

Find in a Library: 3364885

Article using data acquired by questionnaire to compare the value orientations of French and English students in Canada. Presented by the author in the context of perceived cultural change in Quebec during the Quiet Revolution of the 1960s. A…

  • Author: Woolfson, Peter

Date: 1973 April

Language: English

Find in a Library: 655738

An exploration of the decision-making trends and cultural value orientations of Franco American adults in Vermont. Presentation of data based on questionnaires completed by French-English bilingual families. A detailed and graphed explanation of the…

  • Author: Boucher, Norman

Date: 1980

Language: English

Find in a Library: 27191804

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A teacher's guide to accompany 10 half-hour episodes of the children's television program, "The Franco File," produced by the Eastern Educational Television Network and New Hampshire Public Television. This program, designed to improve the…

  • Author: Paradis, Roger

Date: 1974

Language: English

Find in a Library: Unknown/Inconnu

Paper on the folklore of the Acadian and Malecite people of the St. John River Valley in New Brunswick and northern Maine. Types of Franco American folklore, processes of its retrieval and study, and what it teaches about the history of the…

  • Author: Littlefield, Susan

Date: 1982

Language: English et français

Find in a Library: 9985339

The story of a young buy from Québec - Jean-Pierre - who pays a visit to the sister city of his own Thetford Mines: Somersworth, New Hampshire. A day exploring with his new friend, Laurie, takes them to Grandpa's house, through stories of old,…

  • Author: Kelley, Kevin J.

Date: 1991 May 2

Publication: Vermont Times

Volume: 1

Language: English

Find in a Library: 38845878

Article on Franco American culture in Vermont: from its perceived "decline" to concerted efforts at its revival in different parts of the state. Suggestions on the potential cultural and political reasons for local assimilation. Particular emphasis…

  • Author: Robbins, Rhea Côté

Date: 1990 April

Publication: Portland: Maine's City Magazine

Volume: 5

Language: English

Find in a Library: 29353487

Autobiographical magazine piece by a writer from Waterville, Maine. Reflections on her women ancestors and the Waterville neighborhood where they once lived, "down the Plains." Thoughts on the contemporary Franco-American woman experience, with a…

  • Author: Woolfson, Peter

Date: 1979 (1971)

Language: en

Find in a Library: 6523696

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Behavioral and family life patterns of Franco Americans in northeast Vermont. Based on, and compared with, various research conducted on family characteristics and individual roles within French Canadian families in rural Québec. Considerations of…

  • Author: Cantara, Michael
  • Author: Labbé, Yvon A.
  • Author: Lévesque, Jean-Pierre
  • Author: Paradis, Judy
  • Author: Pelletier, Raymond
  • Author: Robbins, Rhea Côté

Date: 1996

Language: Français and English

Find in a Library: 34983269

Présentations par des représentatives de l'état et l'Université du Maine sur leurs perceptions de l'identité et l'experience franco-américaine aux États-Unis. Présentée en anglais et français. Un bref historique collectif de la…

  • Author: Toth, Emily

Date: 1981 December

Publication: The Journal of Popular Culture

Volume: 15

Language: English

Find in a Library: 1754751

Article profiling Manchester, New Hampshire native writer, Grace (de Repentigny) Metalious. Summary and analysis of her best-selling scandalous novel, "Peyton Place," her reportedly favorite novel, "The Tight White Collar," and her final work, "No…

  • Author: Gimpel, James A.
  • Author: Tam Cho, Wendy K.

Date: 2004

Publication: Political Geography

Volume: 23

Language: en

Find in a Library: 25104907

Article presenting data on voting patterns in selected New England towns that indicate, in a general sense, connections between ethnic origin and voting behaviors in the early 21st century. Interpretations of statistical models that indicate the…

  • Author: Martineau, France
  • Author: Avard, Annie

Date: 2006

Book Title: Envoyer et recevoir : lettres et correspondances dans les diasporas francophones

Language: fr

Find in a Library: 76870372

Une analyse de 44 lettres échangées en 1880 par des membres d'une famille à travers la frontière entre les États-Unis et Canada - de la ville de Montréal aux mines de Leadville, Colorado. Quelques explications sur les notions de la famille, la…

  • Author: Martel, Marcel

Date: 2006

Book Title: Envoyer et recevoir : lettres et correspondances dans les diasporas francophones

Language: fr; en

Find in a Library: 76870372

Une exploration de la correspondance par lettre d'un père à son fils au début du XXe siècle, entre deux villes de la Nouvelle-Angleterre - Rutland, Vermont et Springfield, Massachusetts. L'étude d'une correspondance privée afin de mieux…